Helpful Advice for Company Recruiting and Hiring Managers

We talk to a lot of employers, and we know what you’re up against. Here are some tips to ensure that you’re positioned well for your next recruiting conversation with a valuable candidate.

  1. Recruiting in 2021 is different.

    One of the main reasons is that engineering and technical college enrollment is declining; there are fewer newly qualified candidates to choose from while boomers are rotating out. It is becoming more of a candidate-driven market, especially for those with five or six years (or more) experience, and companies have to compete for candidates with higher salaries and other benefits. For the same reasons, be sure you are positioned to retain your talent.

  2. Manage your reputation.

    Candidates have more ways to check the reputation of employers, right or wrong, from social media and dedicated employer review websites. Bad (and good) news travels faster now, with employees connected on LinkedIn and Facebook. We will often get questions about things candidates read on the web that they are hesitant to ask employers. It’s also sometimes easier for an independent third-party recruiter to refute a bad review, so we may ask you about a situation in order to address a candidate’s concern. Managing your reputation helps ensure candidates don’t disqualify themselves from your employ.

  3. Your business is specialized, so if you need help, use a specialized recruiter.

    Recruiters that specialize in an industry, like we specialize in HVAC, Building Automation, Refrigeration and Combustion, are able to screen candidates more effectively than a firm that does not specialize, and certainly more than a web-based clearinghouse. It takes years to become proficient at screening candidates. We make sure that a candidate is qualified before you will ever see a resume from us.

  4. Employers with their own recruiting staffs

    often hire us when they have trouble filling certain positions. We understand every employer has a process, and we will work to satisfy your requirements. But for best results, we recommend you be open to taking advantage of everything we can do for you. We’ve been in this business over 33 years, and have faced nearly every recruiting challenge. We can share potential solutions and best practices while we work together to achieve the best result.

  5. Attitude and confidentiality are important.

    A potential candidate should be approached carefully particularly if they were not actively looking. Larger employers sometimes feel a candidate should feel honored they were contacted. The reality is that some candidates may be happy where they are, and become suspicious regarding an unsolicited contact. We know how to approach a potential candidate because we are familiar with their current status and environment, and we will carefully qualify them before we disclose the source of an opportunity.

  6. Salary isn’t everything.

    Excellent, qualified candidates are sometimes overlooked because their salary is slightly outside of a range. Even satisfied employees may consider moving if advancement or learning opportunities are more prevalent, or the job is in a preferable area of the country. Many candidates working for smaller companies may be open to moving to larger employers, or vice versa,  Some new startups or  smaller companies may offer more career growth potential.  People change jobs for a variety of reasons other than salary. Don’t disqualify on salary alone.

  7. There’s the 2021 market again.

    Many employers are now more open to hiring from a competitor because it’s easier to find them, primarily through social media. But for in-house recruiting staffs, this may create a situation of ill will between competing employers.  We on the other hand, can navigate those waters well.

  8. You may be small, but that can be good.

    Our industries may be mature, but there are many smaller dynamic companies coming up with new disruptive ideas. NEST™ Labs is an excellent example. Who could have imagined they would turn all the established thermostat makers on their ear with their innovative technology? Highly qualified candidates that feel stuck in a larger company can get excited about a smaller, more aggressive company with new exciting technologies. We know how to address and sell opportunity!

    Note: NEST™ is a registered trademark of NEST Labs Inc., and is used without permission only as an example to illustrate a learning point.