Satisfied Employer clients, meet satisfied Candidate clients.

We have a long list of satisfied employers and candidates. Yes, some of it is because we have more years experience in the HVAC, Refrigeration, Combustion and Building Automation markets than most recruiters, (maybe more than any other recruiters). You can’t be in this business as long as we have if you don’t keep people happy. Please take a few minutes to read what others say about us. If you would like to read more testimonials, please look at our comments from clients and candidates on our LinkedIn page.

This man knows how to get the job done. He got me in as the Lead Test Engineer at _______. Really great to work with and always has great tips for the interview process. Was a pleasure to work with him! 10/10.”  K.A. Lead Test Engineer.

“Gary is a great professional guy not just help you finding a job but teaching you with detailed preparation. Gives you confidence and encouragement to make you shine and turns impossible situation to reality. Thank you Gary!!!”  J.J. Director Engineering

“Gary is an outstanding individual to have in your corner of the ring as a recruiter, and is easily one of the best in the business of engineering recruitment and staffing. He has been in the recruiting business for quite some time, and his experience shined during my interactions with him. Within a week of reaching out to him, he set up an interview for me at a fantastic local company (the position in question was a Manufacturing Engineer position). During my interview process, I was given fantastic interview advice by him; he was always quick to give pointers and help me prepare (he has excellent interview preparation documentation that proved to be an invaluable resource). In addition, he never left me in the dark in regards to where I stood with this company, as he was very communicative. Although I did not receive an offer of employment from this company, I nonetheless had a very positive experience as a client of Gary’s.

I recommend going to Gary’s website and submitting your resume there. He is excellent at finding out what your skills are, and finding a pertinent career opportunity that best matches your skill set. I primarily used recruitment and staffing resources during my brief career search after graduating from college, and Gary ranked as one of the best recruiters I interacted with. You will not be disappointed.”
– J.H., Structures Engineer

Gary is the best recruiter I have worked with. What really differentiates him from the rest is the effort he makes to deeply understand your skills and experiences. It really pays off – plus he has a knack for finding parallels across industries and disciplines that would amaze you. He is a true asset – professional, reliable, and genuinely supportive of your goals.”
– E.Y., Project/Systems/Mechanical Engineer

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gary as a candidate and I’ve been impressed with his professionalism and his knowledge of the HVAC-R industry. He helped me immensely during the recruitment process. His professional approach is only matched by his ingenuity. The close rapport he holds with actuarial HVAC-R firms makes him an extremely valuable point of contact. I would thus highly recommend Gary for your actuarial job search requirement.”
– W.S., Regional Sales Manager

“Gary is the most resourceful recruiter that I have worked with. Having been on both sides of the table with him, as a candidate and a hiring manager, I can attest that Gary is very thorough in his process of matching the right talent with the right opportunity. He takes the time to understand career aspirations of candidates as well as the wants and requirements of the hiring organization and always comes up with quality results. His extensive contacts and his goodwill make him one of the best in the HVAC and refrigeration recruiting space.”
– M.I., Senior Product Manager

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gary both as a candidate looking for a stimulating opportunity and as an employer looking for exceptional candidate. I’ve been impressed with his professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication; lastly, for his vast network in the HVAC industry.”
– S.E., Consulting Firm President

“Gary Richards is a very good recruiter. He will go to bat for you if he believes you are a good fit. He is incredibly helpful and responsive throughout the recruiting and hiring process. I would definitely recommend him to anyone searching for a new career opportunity. Good luck on your job search and thanks again Gary!”
– R.T., Product Management

“Gary has been an incredible resource for me as a recruiter. He has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish during the process of landing me a great job. Gary successfully managed difficult situations with my employer, has a friendly personality, provided me advice gathered through years of experience, and was always available when I needed him. I definitely recommend him.”
– D.P., Manufacturing Engineer

“I had the good fortune to connect with and work with Gary. His communication skills, work ethic and overall talent is top notch; his skills are by far the most comprehensive of any recruiter I have ever worked with.
Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Gary will assuredly be well taken care of.
– W.P., Principal Engineer

“Gary is one of the most professional recruiters. He is knowledgeable about the industry, knows the hiring companies very well and really good at matching the candidates with the right positions. He walked the candidates through the entire recruiting processes. His work was not finished until a job offer was extended. He was such a caring person and always paid attention to the details. I was fortune enough to work with him. I highly recommend him to anyone without reservation.”
– Z.L., Control Architect

“I retained Gary Richards in 1995, as a Recruiting Consultant when I was Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations for Air System Components, now a Johnson Controls operating unit. Gary is well known throughout the HVAC/Energy field as a specialist on difficult to find candidates. I questioned his ability when I first met him. However, in a short period of time he proved himself to be one of the best in the business. Gary did a very thorough job of screening his candidates to the exact position requirements. But more important, Gary never gave up on the hard to find “needle in a hay stack” candidate. I can’t say enough about how many times Gary came through when times were tough. Any Company retaining the services of Gary Richards can rest assured that they have the very best recruiter in the industry.”
– B.W., Human Resource Consulting

Gary is one of the best recruiters in the business. He has produced great results for me this year, finding top notch candidates that were ideal for open positions I had.”
– T.H., RUUD Product Specialist

“I have worked with Gary and can say that he is heads above others in his field. His honesty and professional approach is effective and a model others should follow. He has figured it out and would recommend Gary’s services to anyone.”
– M.W., National Account Manager

“Gary was instrumental in the success of our project group at ZEECO Power. Three years ago we were establishing a new team, and Gary found talented individuals to fill desperately needed positions. The individuals that Gary located were well qualified, intelligent, and good-natured; they directly contributed to our ongoing success. Gary did an excellent job locating talented, successful, long term employees. I recommend his services.”
– C.L., Director of power Projects

“I have recently worked with Gary and would recommend his services as his professionalism, tact and knowledge of the markets is next to none. Gary works hard and has fantastic personal skills to interact at all levels of business. I will be using Gary for my personnel needs for certain.”
– J.W., VP/General Manager

“Gary was great!
Always professional and kept me up to date on matters that were critical to me and the organization. I feel he has done a fantastic job in finding a good fit for me and making sure that the organization and I are aligned in common drive, direction and for both to prosper and grow.”
– D.C., Application Engineer

“I had the pleasure of working with Gary several months ago. Gary’s assistance with my job search was invaluable. In addition to setting-up an interview, he provided help with interview preparation, answering interview questions, and salary negotiation. Also, he provided excellent information regarding the company and the people I was to interview with. I highly recommend Gary and would use his services in the future.”
– D.K., Quality Manager

“He is one of the most professional recruiters! 
Gary found me great jobs that matched to my experience and background.
He found me two positions and within a week I got two back to back interviews and in the third week I have got 2 back to back offers.
It was the most impressive experience I have had during my job hunting.
He does absolutely a terrific job to present you to the companies and he provides you with a lot of great hints that grantee you to get the job.
Thanks Gary.
I am really amazed about the quality of your work.”
– A.M., Research and Development

Gary did an amazing job connecting me with Heatcraft. He went above and beyond what I was expecting; giving me great tips to use during interviews, promoting me to Heatcraft management, and setting my mind at ease by consistently keeping me up to date with where I was in the employment selection/hiring process. I’ve been at this great job over a year and I can’t help but say he had a hand in getting me here.”
– P.B.

Gary knows the right people and worked diligently to place me with a top company in the HVAC industry. And, he negotiated on my behalf to secure a nice job for me. He is very honest; I trusted him fully. He is truly an expert in his field.”
– A.G., Senior Engineer

“I just want to tell you how much of a refreshing relationship I had with you while working on my job placement possibilities.
I always felt that you had my best interests in mind while working with you, rather than you just putting me in a position which “may” fit my requirements! I will always keep you in mind if any of my past co-workers are looking for a placement service to help them in their job search. Once again thank you for your diligent work in helping me find employment!”
– J.B., Industrial Engineer Professional

“I highly recommend Gary, he offers helpful advice and encouragement throughout the recruiting process.”
– M.M., Sr. Sales Engineer

“Gary took my resume from on online posting for a position that he had. He was quickly able to assess my interests and experience to determine if it was a potential fit for me. I appreciated the extra assistance he gave me because I had not been in the job market in so long.

He was a pleasure to work with throughout the process and ultimately helped secure a great position for my next career move. I would recommend him to any of my engineering colleagues.”
– C.S., Project Leader

“My experience with Gary has been extremely positive. He assisted me in my recent career opportunity search. Gary’s experience in the field allowed him to ensure that not only were my skills and experience a great fit for his client, but that the opportunity was a great fit for me. He was an advocate on my behalf, guiding me through the recruiting process, leading to a job offer from his client company.

Gary is knowledgeable, personable and was always available to assist me. My experience with him was excellent and I highly recommend Gary for his recruiting expertise.”
– J.C., Project Manager

“Gary’s introduction of a candidate is the most thorough I have seen. He takes the time to really understand what our needs are and presents the information about a candidate according to those needs. He is very easy to work with and has a deep knowledge of the industry.”
– K.F., HR Manager

“Gary was instrumental in helping me find a career at a great company. He has a great deal of influence with companies looking for engineering candidates with varying degrees of work experience. He was extremely thorough and dependable throughout the whole process. I recommend Gary Richards for helping anyone find a position with a great company.”
– R.K., Sr. Sales Engineering Specialist

“I recently received professional recruiting services from Gary Richards. Gary was very professional when liasing between his client and myself, extremely helpful and thorough with information. I highly recommend Gary Richards’s recruiting services.”
– C.J., Senior Agency Approvals Manager

“I have worked with Gary for over 20 years, both to find qualified candidates for my business, and to place me in a new position. I have repeated gone back to Gary because of his unusually high level of trustworthiness and his extensive list of contacts. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results Gary has achieved for me over the years.”
– G.J., Strategic Account Manager

“Gary is the best you can find for finding the right person for your organization or finding you the right organization to work at. I have worked with others but never again.”
– M.G., Engineer

“Gary is an extremely effective business partner in the area of recruiting. He provides a quality service and goes above and beyond what would normally be expected, especially when it comes to screening the prospects and matching them to the requirements of the position. We would definitely call Gary as soon as we are aware of an opening that would be released to a recruiter.”
– J.S., Human Resources Manager

“Gary is very responsive and on the ball! He always returns all phone calls almost instantly. He has great advice and is a true professional. Gary helped me immensely with my resume and my cover letter. Being in the HVAC industry for over 20 years I was always sought out by companies for a position. I never needed to prepare a resume or even go on an interview. Gary helped me through the process and helped make my resume stand out and represent me as the true professional I am. I could never thank Gary enough for all of his efforts and I would recommend him to any person or business looking for his services. It is truly a pleasure to see that some people still take pride in their profession and are willing to go that extra mile. Thanks again Gary.”
– J.O., Construction Professional

“I had the pleasure of working with Gary as an electric engineer seeking employment with AO Smith WPC. Gary thoroughly researched my qualifications and the position at AO Smith WPC. I now have been with AO Smith WPC for over six years and could not be happier. Gary was the main reason for this relationship to happen.”
– H.K., Senior Electrical Engineer

“A while ago I was blessed by Gary Richard’s excellent recruiting skills, in the HVAC industry, which landed me a successful job with a well-known HVAC manufacturer. I recommend Gary as a reliable and knowledgeable recruiter.”
– C.C., Engineering Consulting

“I worked with Gary in 2008 and found him to be a great asset while searching for and obtaining my current position. He is knowledgeable and well connected in the HVAC-R world and assisted in each step of the process. I found him to be a very trustworthy and friendly person.”
– D.W., Senior Sales Engineer

“I’ve known Gary for close to ten years now and I can say with confidence that he is one of the best in his field. He knows his industry amazingly well and is able to match the right candidate with the right opportunity. He is a thorough professional and his follow-up and engagement with the candidate during the recruitment process are unmathced by anybody else that I’ve dealt with in my career.”
– M.F., Director of Product Management